Places of Interest in Banyuwangi

Places of Interest in Banyuwangi

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Did you know that the city located at the east of Java island is storing a million charms that are extraordinarily beautiful? Banyuwangi is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Banyuwangi is bordered directly by Bali Strait, most visitors who come just passing before crossing to Bali Island. Try to stop for a moment and explore the largest district in eastern Java. Banyuwangi has a fairly diverse area ranging from lowlands, highlands, the area of ​​the mountains and beaches and historic sites and other ancient relics.

For those of you who want to explore the city of Banyuwangi here we provide a list of interesting sights that you can visit

  1. Ijen Crater

Since established as a biosphere reserve area by UNESCO in 2016, Ijen Banyuwangi Crater is increasingly popular among local and foreign tourists. Still included in the area of ​​Taman Wisata Ijen with an area of ​​2560 hectares, this tourist attraction is located at the top of Mount Ijen in District Licin, Banyuwangi.

One of the most dangerous tourist objects in the world occupies a large caldera on the island of Java formed by the eruption of Mount Ijen with a width of 6 m. The watery crater itself has a depth of 200 meters. It is called a dangerous tourist attraction because the turquoise crater water has turbidity close to zero, which is one of the largest in the world.

However, the natural scenery in Ijen Crater became the main attraction of the visitors who come. There is a blue fire phenomenon that appears on the sulfur mining site only at 05.00 WIB. You can see the beauty of the rising sun that bounces on the surface of the water causing beautiful colors. In addition, panoramic views of the magnificence of Mount Merapi, Mount Raung, Mount Rante, and others can be seen clearly from Ijen Crater. To get there, you have to climb for about 2-3 hours from Paltuding.

2. Pura Agung Blambangan

Judging from its history, Pura Agung Blambangan is a historic site relics of Blambangan Kingdom in Alas Purwo region, South Banyuwangi. This temple has a Hindu style that becomes a tourist magnet for certain tourists. Located in Tambak Rejo Village, Muncar District, Pura Agung Blambangan is also one of the main shrines for Hindus in Indonesia. Not only from Java, visitors also come from Bali Island when the holiday comes.

Foreign tourists also often visit Pura Agung Blambangan because it is interested in the structure of the building. This temple is the second largest after Pura Gunung Salak, and is the largest among the 92 other temples in Banyuwangi. While visiting the temple, you must wear a scarf to respect local customs and culture.


3. Tourism Village Osing Banyuwangi

Local people are more familiar with the name of Kemiren Village, but this village is better known to tourists by the name of Osing Village or Using. Located only about 15 minutes from downtown Banyuwangi, Osing Village becomes a tourist destination worth a visit for its rich cultural nuances.

Osing tribe was once the servant of Majapahit Kingdom. But when the kingdom was attacked, some of them fled to Tengger, Banyuwangi, and Bali. In Banyuwangi, they form the Blambangan Kingdom. In the area of ​​Osing Village, the main attraction is Sanggar Genjah Arum with the order of ancient houses typical Osing over the age of 100 years.

Visitors can also learn the history of the tribe from the shape of his house. The culture includes four custom houses with different shapes that indicate the social status of its inhabitants, namely Crocogan, Tikelbalung, Tikel, and Serangan.

In Sanggar Genjah Arum also, you can see the culture and customs of the original Osing tribe. There are angklung paglak often played by farmers while keeping their fields. There is also a Barong Kemireng dance and Gandrung dance performed while welcoming guests. More interestingly, visitors can listen to Othek or the music of dimples played by middle-aged Osing women. This music is played by playing alu and mortar accompanied by music from angklung paglak and drum

4. Blambangan Park

Banyuwangi Blambangan Park was originally a town square that was later developed as a Green Open Space (RTH) by the local government. Flanked by 4 main roads in Banyuwangi, namely Jl. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Jl. Veteran, Jl. RA Kartini, and Jl. Diponegoro, Blambangan Park is also often referred to as Taman Gesibu Blambangan.

This cheap tourist attraction can be accessed for free by visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Banyuwangi. Blambangan Park has an area of ​​32,000 m2 with neatly arranged trees. In a way, this tourist attraction is a place of recreation for local residents. Here, visitors will find a variety of sports facilities such as running tracks, basketball courts, and skateboarding areas.

On weekends, you will find many locals gathering and interacting in Blambangan Park. Every Saturday night, visitors will be treated to a typical dance performances of Banyuwangi. There are also various foods that are sold to accompany the relaxing time.

5. Sidodai Glenmore Reservoir

One of the latest tourist attractions in Banyuwangi is Sidodadi Glenmore Reservoir. Newly opened to the public in 2015, in reservoir sugar cane plantations. However, the potential of natural beauty is not wasted by the local government who then conjures this reservoir into a cheap tourist location.

Located in Karangharjo, Glenmore, Sidodadi Reservoir has an area of ​​more than 6 hectares, and will continue to be developed into 10 hectares. Access to the location is also not so difficult, with good road conditions and close to the main route Banyuwangi-Pacitan.

Here, visitors can perform a variety of interesting activities, such as 160 meters of glide hanging across the reservoirs, renting ATVs, boating, or challenging sports on motor circuits.

Not only that, Sidodadi Glenmore Reservoir also has beautiful flower gardens, orchards, fishing ponds, and campsites. Visitors who come just enough to pay a parking ticket of Rp2.000 to Rp5.000. If you want to try out various rides that exist, the rates are peggedly diverse, ranging from Rp10.000 to Rp25.000 per vehicle.
6. Kalibendo Waterfall

waterfall located in Kampung Anyar Village, Glagah District, is Kalibendo Waterfall. This one tourist attraction is about 15 Km from the city of Banyuwangi, and included in the area of ​​Argo Wisata Kalibendo.

Visitors who want to enjoy the view of this waterfall must pass through the path surrounded by clove plantations and bendo trees. Travel is quite far and the uphill path requires extra stamina. Arriving at a wooden bridge, you will see a stretch of heterogeneous plants and beautiful hills before finally down the river and reached the location Kalibendo Waterfall.

This one waterfall is not too high, but has clear water. Surrounded by cliffs and green trees, your exhausting journey will pay off.


7. Lider Waterfall

Located on the slope of Mount Raung, Lider Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the city of Banyuwangi. Visiting the attractions of this one is guaranteed not to make you disappointed. Sunlight that enters through the crevices of the foliage is a sight that you rarely encounter in urban areas.

With a water shower height of about 60 meters, Lider Waterfall is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, precisely in the protected forest area. Not only that, around the main waterfall there are four small waterfalls. Surrounded by tall rocky cliffs, the location of Lider Waterfall is practically quite hidden.

Visitors must pass through a fairly difficult terrain, which is to cross the river 7 times, through the lush forests, and through the tiring track. If lucky, along the way you will meet with colorful butterflies and monkeys as it passes through protected forest areas.

8. Telunjuk Dewa Raung Waterfall

Because of its unique shape that resembles the index finger, and its location which is located at the foot of Mount Raung, local people dub this tourist spot Waterfall Dewa Raung Telunjuk. Precisely located in Sumberarum Village, Songgon District, this waterfall has a height of about 20 meters.

To get to the location, visitors who have high adventurous soul are guaranteed to be very impressed. The path through the wilderness of Mount Raung and narrow path that is not easy to pass. Around the waterfall there is a banyan tree whose age is estimated to have reached hundreds of years. There is also a cave that emits a clean and clear spring.

9. Tlepak Waterfall

Because of its unique shape that resembles the index finger, and its location which is located at the foot of Mount Raung, local people dub this tourist spot Waterfall Dewa Raung Telunjuk. Precisely located in Sumberarum Village, Songgon District, this waterfall has a height of about 20 meters.

To get to the location, visitors who have high adventurous soul are guaranteed to be very impressed. The path through the wilderness of Mount Raung and narrow path that is not easy to pass. Around the waterfall there is a banyan tree whose age is estimated to have reached hundreds of years. There is also a cave that emits a clean and clear spring.

10. Antongan Waterfall

Antogan Waterfall is another heaven that you should visit while in Banyuwangi. Located in Bunder Village, Kabat District, this one waterfall offers beautiful and cool natural beauty of Banyuwangi. Its location which is at the foot of Mount Raung increasingly add coolness atmosphere around it.

When compared with other waterfalls in Banyuwangi, Antogan Waterfall is not so high, which is 7 meters only. Around the waterfall there are hidden alleys in the rocks that are said to be often used as a hideout from the colonists of ancient times. There is also a cave that is mentioned as the path to the south coast.
11. Agung Gumuk Kancil Temple

According to the story, the construction of the Great Temple of Kancil Gumuk intended as a tribute to Rsi Markandeya, a spiritual figure of Hinduism in the 7th century AD. Not only people who are Hindus, but tourists in general also often visit tourist attractions in this one Banyuwangi.

Located in Bumiharjo Village, Glenmore District, Agung Gumuk Kancil Temple stands right on the edge of the forest and is a cultural heritage. Not far from the temple complex, there are Sumber Beji springs believed by the surrounding community to cure various diseases. This one tourist attraction can be accessed easily and visitors do not have to pay admission.

12. Mondoleko Hill

One of the latest tourist attractions and the current in Banyuwangi is Mondoleko Hill, a hill located in the Village Sragi, District Sronggon. Many tourists who take advantage of this tourist location to berswafoto or simply enjoy the cool scenery from a height.

The main attraction of the Mondoleko Hill is a bamboo bridge located on a hill, in the mountains of Raung. The panoramas offered by this place are shady trees and rice fields of local communities are green. At the top of the hill there is a banyan tree under which there is a tomb that is rescued by the locals.

To reach the location, you have to travel quite heavily. There are rice fields to go, and a river to cross. Next, visitors still have to climb stairs to get to the top of the hill. About the cost, this Mondoleko Hill tour is still free. You simply pay the vehicle parking fee at a voluntary rate.

13. Kampung Anyar Waterfall

Banyuwangi has amazing natural attractions. One of them is Kampung Anyar Waterfall. Unmitigated, tourists who come to this place will be treated to a view of three waterfalls at once in a complex location. Local residents often call it with a different call, the waterfall brothers, waterfall jagir, twin waterfalls, and so forth.

Located in Taman Suruh Village, Kampung Anyar Waterfall has breathtaking panoramic beauty. Even the three waterfalls that are here come from 3 sources of water, the source Jagir, source Pawon, and source Buyut Ijah.

Pawon waterfall is one of the most attention-grabbing, because of its widening flow form with stratified rocks. About 10 meters from Pawon waterfall, there is a second waterfall which has a bath garden built by local residents. Located 300 meters, there is a third waterfall namely Ketegan Waterfall. Unlike the previous two waterfalls, this one waterfall has a height of more than 50 meters and the current is quite heavy. Surrounded by lush green trees, spending time at Kampung Anyar Waterfall will make the mood cooler.

14. Umbul Pule and Umbul Bening

Umbul Pule tourist spot is one of the cheap recreational rides for the people of Banyuwangi and surrounding areas. That said, the water comes from a source that never dried even though the dry season hit. Located in Sumbergondo Village, Glenmore District, Umbul Pule is a swimming pool with water slides surrounded by the cool slopes of Mount Raung. Not far from Umbul Pule, there is another swimming pool tour that is Umbul Bening. But unlike its neighbor, Umbul Bening has 4 types of swimming pool devoted to adults and children. In each pool there is also a water slide to add to the excitement of playing. Tourist attraction in Banyuwangi umbul presents clear and clean pool water. Around the pool there is also a gazebo that enabled visitors to rest. When you start hungry, you can buy food at the merchant kiosks in the bathing complex. To access this recreation place, visitors only need to spend of Rp5.000.

15. Kampung Warna-Warni Kalilo

Just like the city of Malang, Banyuwangi also has a village painted in colorful. Located on the banks of the Kalilo river, a village transformed by the local government into a sophisticated tourist attraction that attracts many local visitors and out of town.

Kalilo River located in the middle of Banyuwangi city has a long history and clean water. This effort is also intended by the local government to educate the public about the importance of the role of a river and to keep it clean.

One of the main attractions of this village is a bridge that is often used for visitors to take pictures. To access this location, you only pay for a $ 2,000 parking ticket run by the locals.

16. Tirto Kemanten Waterfall

Located in Wonoerjo Hamlet, Kalibaru Subdistrict, Tirto Kemanten Waterfall is one of the waterfalls with beautiful scenery on the slopes of Mount Raung in Banyuwangi. The road to the location of the waterfall tends to smooth, but visitors must climb the road as far as 1 Km and climb the stairs before finally getting there.

The surrounding community also recognize this tourist attraction as Twin Falls, because there are two springs that come from a spring. The name of the bride (bride) is also pinned because the waterfall is located side by side.
Kemanten Waterfall has a height of about 10 meters, and is surrounded by cliffs and green trees. The atmosphere is beautiful and cool to be a magnet for visitors who come. After playing water, you can sit in the gazebo without walls near the waterfall.


17. Selendang Arum Waterfall

Waterfall Selendang Arum not only a favorite place of local residents, but also tourists who come to Banyuwangi. Located in Sumber Arum Village, Songgon District, this waterfall is only about 500 meters from the residential area. Here, visitors can do exciting adventure activities, enjoy the cold water, and the atmosphere around the location is still cool and beautiful.

To be able to reach the location, you must have strong stamina. Although close to the settlement, tourists who come must walk through the path through the hills and paddy fields. Not only that, steep cliffs along the way should also make you extra careful through it.

After an exhausting journey, visitors will be greeted with a calming sound of water. Waterfall as high as approximately 20 meters is named Selendang Arum because of its shape that resembles a scarf. Most tourists who come will spend their time to climb rocks around waterfalls or playing water.

18. Watu Kurung Waterfall

The lovers of adrenaline activities that hobby climb must be familiar with Watu Kurung Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Mount Raung, which is often used by climbers to freshen up before heading to the top of the mountain.

Watu Kurung Waterfall is located in Kajarharjo Village, Kalibaru Subdistrict. Medan to the location of the waterfall tour requires physical strength is prime, because you have to walk as far as 2.5 km through the path through the forest and shrubs with the contours of the streets that go up.

Called Watu Kurung because this waterfall is surrounded by high cliff rocks. The journey to the Watu Kurung Waterfall presents a beautiful panoramic atmosphere and panoramic mountain range with various types of plants.

19. Kedung Angin Waterfall

Tourists who come to Banyuwangi will be treated to a waterfall attraction that seemed endless. One more natural beauty in this city can be found in Kedung Angin Waterfall located in Pekel Village, District of Licin. You can access this location after driving approximately 20 Km from Banyuwangi city pusta. Panorama of paddy fields and pine forests became friends along the way.
Arriving in the village, the path as far as 1 Km still must be passed to get to Kedung Angin Waterfall. Ponds formed by waterfalls have clear, greenish water. Visitors often use it for swimming or just playing water. There is a puddle with a depth of about 2 meters with a width of about 700 meters.


20. Temcor Waterfall

Mountain areas in Banyuwangi make this city has dozens of waterfall attractions. One that attracts many tourists is Temcor Waterfall. Still in the same village as Selendang Arum Waterfall, Sumber Arum Village, Songgon Sub-district, Temcor Waterfall is also known to the local people by the name of Kembang Arum.

The journey to Temcor Waterfall is quite exciting. Visitors must bypass the trekking path between the residents' rice fields. This waterfall actually comes from the river irrigation source of rice fields that fall on the edge of the cliff. To get down the chasm, you have to be careful because of the slippery road surface.

With a waterfall height of about 10 meters, the shower formed a fairly wide pool. Local residents and tourists usually utilize the natural beauty to swim and enjoy the beauty of the panorama in the vicinity.

21. Rajegwesi Beach

Rajegwesi Beach is located close to Meru Betiri National Park, Sarongan Village, Pesaggaran District. Beautiful beach scenery with white sand and blue sea water is the attraction of this beach.

Rajegwesi beach is located in the middle of fishing village. You will see many fishing boats moored on the beach. Named Rajegwesi because there is an "iron fence", which is a rock containing iron.

Visitors who come will not find a white sand beach, but brown sand. This color is obtained from the sediment of mud rivers that empties into the Beach Rajegwesi. In addition, this beach is also a link between Sukamade Beach and Teluk Hijau.
Tourists who come often spend their time to play water or visit agro tours provided by the local government.

22. Teluk Hijau Beach

Teluk Hijau Beach in Banyuwangi is also known as Green Bay. To get to this beach takes an extra struggle. From Batu Beach, you have to walk through the forest and a small river through the cliffs with lush trees. Behind the rocky cliffs, the beauty of Teluk Hijau Beach with white sand stretched and the sea water is very clear.
Named Green Bay Beach because the sea water here is very clear and turquoise. This beach is not only suitable for relaxing, but also paradise lovers of natural beauty. Around the beach, exactly 20 meters to the east, visitors can find a waterfall with a height of 8 meters.

Located in Sarongan Village, Teluk Hijau Beach is included in Meru Betiri National Park area. In this place also grows rare protected flowers, Raflesia flowers. Besides enjoying the scenery, you can also swim at the beach, take pictures, or play sand. Visitors who come only need to pay a parking fee of Rp3.000 for the motor and Rp10.000 for the car

23. Parang Ireng Beach

Located in Alas Purwo National Park area, Parang Ireng Beach offers unusual beach beauty. If the opportunity to visit this beach, you will feel like on a private beach because not many local and foreign tourists who come to Parang Ireng Beach. Nevertheless, you will be amazed by its appeal.

Parang Ireng Beach uniqueness lies in the color of the sand. This beach has sand with three different colors, namely green, black, and white. The black rock structure resembles the frozen lava that gives color to the sand, as well as the moss plants on the right side of the beach. Black and green color is seen very contrast with the white sand on the left side of the beach.

Tourists who come usually capture photographs of black and green sand, then spend time to walk around on white sand. Parang Ireng beach is hidden behind the bushes. Visitors must park the vehicle and walk through the wild plants to get to the location.

24. Batu Beach

If the beach in general has white sand, you will not find it in Batu Beach. As the name implies, this one beach is not surrounded by sand, but small rocks. The atmosphere around the beach still looks natural with amazing panoramic views. The combination of green trees with blue sea water is a beautiful combination that will seduce the tourists who come.

Located in the village of Sarongan, Pasanggaran District, Batu Beach is still included in Meru Betiri National Park area. Activities that are often done by tourists who come is playing water or relaxing on the beach while enjoying the scenery that looks in sight.

25. Sukamade Beach

If a visit to Banyuwangi, less afdal it would be if not stop at the beach Sukamade. This beach is one of the mainstay of tourism in the city of Banyuwangi. Still included in Meru Betiri National Park area, Sukamade Beach is home to thousands of turtle eggs. For hundreds of years, this beach is known as the location of turtle nesting in Banyuwangi.
The main attraction of Sukamade Beach attractions is to see the turtle nesting process and the release of the hatchling into the sea. Visitors will be taken on a boat to see the turtles emerge from the sea and lay eggs.

Because this process takes place at night, then you should be prepared to find lodging that is around Sukamade Beach. If seeing and removing turtles is not something you want done, you can relax on the beach or walk around enjoying the panorama.

26. Boom Beach

Down from the mountain area, Banyuwangi has a stunning coastal tourist attraction. One of the most popular beach attractions among domestic tourists is Boom Beach which is located near the center of Banyuwangi city.

This beach is often a gathering place for young people, especially in the afternoon. Located in Kampung Mandar, Boom Beach is famous as an important port since the first. Although formerly looked rundown, but now the scenery around the coast began to be neat. Visitors can enjoy the culinary by the beach or relax in the provided seats and enjoy the sunset view.

One of the most interesting attractions of tourists is the holding of Gandrung Sewu festival. This agenda is done routinely every year by featuring a thousand dancers who dance on the sand beach.

27. Pulau Merah Beach

Red Island offers unbeatable beach beauty. Located in Sumber Agung Village, Pesanggaran Subdistrict, this small island attracts many tourists because of its unique location, which is like a hill in the middle of the sea.

Red Island Beach has clean white sand with clear sea water. Coconut trees and bananas around the site add variety to the vegetation.

Unlike Plengkung Beach, the waves on Red Island Beach are not so great, but quite challenging. Many surfers who make this beach as the location of their practice. When the waves are receding, you can take a stroll to Red Island in the middle of the beach. To the south of the beach there is a perfect location to watch the sunset.

28. Wedi Ireng Beach

The name wedi ireng in Javanese means black sand. This one beach has a uniqueness, ie there is black sand hidden behind the white sand on the surface. Compared to other beaches in Banyuwangi, Wedi Ireng Beach tends to be quiet for visitors.
This is not because the beach is not beautiful, but because the location is likely to be difficult to reach. Located in Sumber Agung Village, Wedi Ireng Beach is still in one lane with Red Island Beach.

The east side of this beach has bigger waves than on the west side which tend to split ramps. Coral rocks on the beach, white sand, calm waves and clear sea water make tourists feel at home for long time spent at Wedi Ireng Beach.

29. Plengkung Beach

Visiting Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi will provide an exceptional holiday experience. This beach is often referred to as the G-Land of Banyuwangi. Not only tourists in the country, many foreign tourists who make Plengkung Beach as their tourist destination. Called Plengkung because of its curved beach shape, or resembles the letter G.

Still in Alas Purwo National Park, Plengkung Beach has one of the 7 best waves in the world resembling beaches in Hawaii and South Africa. Many tourists come here for surfing, especially in April to August, when the waves come with a height that can reach 8 meters.

If you do not like to surf, do not worry. On this beach, you can enjoy the panorama of Taman Alas Purwo or play sand on the beach.

30. Lampon Beach

Not far from the Red Island Beach there is Lampon Beach. Located in Pesanggaran District, this one beach has a vast blue sea view with coconut trees lining the edge.

The view of Lampon Beach is unlike most beaches, because around it there are rocks of coral. In the south of the reef there is a river estuary that is often used as a place for fishing visitors.

Not only that, Lampon Beach also has a hill that can be climbed safely. Tourists who come here mostly spend their time by playing water, fishing, or climbing the hill.

31. Bangsring Beach

While visiting the city of Banyuwangi, sempatkanlah to stop by Bangsring Beach. If in Plengkung Beach visitors are treated to great waves of dangerous as well as amazing, Bangsring Beach offers a charm of different natural beauty. Located in Bangsring Village, this beach is the paradise of a charming underwater biota.

You are a hobby diving or snorkeling need not go all the way to Bali, Raja Ampat, or Wakatobi. Bangsring Beach offers easy access to a range of convenient water sports. Since it opened in 2014, this one beach never deserted visitors.

The first activities that can be done at Bangsring Beach are canoeing or boarding banana boat. You can access the facility by visiting Rumah Apung which is located about 20 meters from the beach.

Visitors can also rent diving equipment and start exploring the beauty of the underwater world. Beach with an area of ​​15 hectares has a variety of ornamental fish that swim seliweran even near the beach though. In addition, you can also try out activities that trigger adrenaline by swimming with black fin sharks in the pond cage area of ​​3x3 meters.

Diving and snorkeling activities are a great choice for travelers looking to see the underwater beauty of Bangsring Beach. There, there are various types of coral reefs and ornamental fish. If you want to contribute to nature conservation, you can also participate in coral reef planting activities that are part of Marine Education.

In addition to the above activities, visitors can also enjoy the panorama of the beach from the edge while swimming or playing sand. In a way, Bangsring Beach is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Banyuwangi.

32. Mustika Beach

If you visited Mustika Beach, you will find the beach atmosphere is still quiet. Visitors call this beach as a virgin beach because of the surrounding conditions are still beautiful and not much visited by tourists. Mustika Beach is located in Sumber Agung Village, Pesanggaran Sub-district, and its position is between Red Island Beach and Pancer Beach. Naming the name of this beach can not be separated from the story of local residents about someone who found mustika Ratu Kidul while visiting the beach. The person then throw the mustika into the sea with the intention of returning it to Queen of South. Problem panorama, Mustika Beach has the beauty of white sand that spread with the waves that tend to slope. Many visitors who come to use it to just relax or swim. In addition, the underwater wealth of the beach is also evidenced by the diversity of growing coral reefs. You can do snorkeling activities to prove the beauty.

33. Perpat Beach

The last beach that is in the list of tourist attractions in Banyuwangi that you must visit is Pantai Perpat. The beach is located about 5-10 minutes drive from Payaman, or about 2 hours sea journey from Muncar.

Visitors who come will be treated to a beautiful view of the mangrove forest, with white sand and calm sea water. Usually, the ships heading to Muncar Port will stop here if the weather is not friendly.

Calm sea water can be used to perform various water sports. Usually, tourists will dive or snorkel to see the underwater beauty of this beach. If lucky, you will see a group of dolphins circling in the coastal waters to find food.

34. Cemara Beach

You who come to Banyuwangi may be made a bit surprised by Cemara Beach. If the beach is generally surrounded by mangrove forests or coconut trees, this one tourist attraction overgrown with many pine trees around the beach. Located in Desa Pakis, Banyuwangi District, you will find more than 16,000 spruce trees that grow beautifully.

Before the famous name of Pantai Cemara, this beach was formerly named Beach Rejo. The fishermen agreed to plant cypress around it in order to get a shelter from the sun. Apparently, these trees not only provide shelter but also serves to prevent abrasion.

The longer the tree grows and the branches form an arch that makes the path on the beach almost like a cave. Cemara Beach also faces directly with Bali Strait.

Most visitors who come will bring mats and food for a picnic on the beach. Some also do activities such as swimming and relaxing to enjoy the panoramic sunrise.

35. Palukuning Beach

Although the name is not so popular, but Palukuning Beach remains a tourist attraction worth a visit during the holidays to Banyuwangi. This one beach is located in District Muncar, Banyuwangi. Palukuning beach is surrounded by ponds owned by local residents, and often used as a place of belay boat for fishermen. Beautiful beach panorama is dominated by black stones that are often used by visitors as a place to take pictures. The waves are also not too big so it can be used to play water. A light breeze on the beach is guaranteed to make your mood more relaxed and peaceful.

36. Parang Kursi Beach

The location is hidden to make a few tourists who know will kebaradaan Parang Kursi Beach. This beach resort is located in Pesanggaran Subdistrict, and is located between Red Island Beach and Lampon Beach. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere gives the feel of maximum relaxation for the tourists who come.

To get to this beach, you can take the road south from Lampon Beach. However, travel by vehicle must stop at Lampon Harbor, and proceed on foot. Visitors must pass through the route of mountains Tumpang Pitu, cross an estuary, and climb the hill. Parang Beach Chairs added beautifully behind the hill.

Named a machete seat because around the beach there are rocks that form like a chair. The main attraction of this beach is in the atmosphere is still very natural. Visitors can spend time walking the beach while taking pictures or playing sand.

37. Ngagelan Beach

Another beach in Banyuwangi which is also a conservation home for turtles is Ngagelan Beach. Same as Sukamade Beach, Ngagelan Beach became the turtle breeding location located in Alas Purwo area. The location is also not far from the mangrove forests Bedul, and is about 70 Km drive from downtown Banyuwangi. Spacious and very clean beach sand beaches add to the charm of this one beach. If you want to see turtles coming from the sea, you should come in April-June. As for the curious to see these turtles lay eggs can come to Ngagelan Beach in June-August. Furthermore, the turtle eggs will hatch within a period of about 8 weeks. The waves at Ngagelan Beach are big enough so it is less suitable if used for swimming. Most visitors who come to enjoy the beauty of the beach as well as learn about the life of the turtle.

38. Waru Doyong Beach

Compared to other beaches in Banyuwangi, Waru Doyong Beach tourist attraction is classified as new. Located in the village of Bulusan, District Kalipuro, this one beach has a unique charm that is widely known as the Pier of Love. Named the love dock because most visitors who come here are couples who enjoy the beauty of the beach at the dock.

The jetty or the shape resembling this bridge is a favorite place of the surrounding residents and tourists to enjoy the sunrise and sunset views. Not infrequently also visitors who use the dock love as a location photo shoot premarital.

In addition to sunrise and sunset views, Waru Doyong Beach also has another panorama that is not less beautiful. By lounging around the beach, visitors will be treated to views of the hills on the other side of the beach and fishing boats that pass through the wind.
The sand is black and the gentle waves provide space for you to play water or swim at the beach. To be able to access this natural beauty, tourists do not have to pay admission alias free.

39. Pancur Beach

Pancur Beach is located in Alas Purwo National Park area, and is often visited by tourists from both Banyuwangi and other cities. One tourist attraction is quite popular, as evidenced by the complete facilities built around the beach such as musala, bathrooms, and food stalls. Visitors who come can enjoy the sound of the waves are not too large, so often used by children to swim or play water. On the one hand, the beach is decorated with mossy rocks while on the other side there is a beautiful stretch of white sand. Interestingly, around Pancur Beach will be found a small river stream resembling a mini waterfall. The fresh water then flows and immediately blends with the sea water beneath. Naming Beach Pancur (shower) is also based on the unique natural phenomenon. Most visitors who come will spend time with swimming or camping around the beach.

40. Trianggulasi Beach

Although only about 2 Km from Plengkung Beach, not many tourists who know the name of Trianggulasi Beach. Local residents also often call this beach with the name of the Emperor Asri. Still located in Alas Purwo National Park area, precisely in the Village Tegaldlimo and is about 76 km from downtown Banyuwangi.

For fans of water sports, this attraction is not the right place to channel your hobby. The reason, despite having the waves are quite charming, local managers forbid visitors to surf or swim at the beach.

However, do not worry because Trianggulasi Beach has a beautiful panorama. Its sloping coastline and its long-lasting topography offer the unlimited beauty of the beach. Around the location, you will find wild monkeys and deer that sometimes walk on the beach.
Visitors who come can spend time with camping while waiting for the sunset scenery is fascinating.

Well, a complete list of 40 exciting tourist attractions that you can visit in Banyuwangi. How? Already know which place will Ands visit? Holiday in Banyuwangi city guaranteed exciting and fun.